Marvin Unger Untitled Works

Various works on the topic of experimental and not product-oriented design.

This shows an experiment I worked on in a one-semester-course at the Ensci - Les Ateliers in Paris in 2017. The concept was to create a huge variation of shapes, all starting from the amount of a plastic cup with 200 ml. The shapes have been created under the influence of basic parameters such as separation and subtraction, followed by the experimentation with materials poured over a wide shape to create wide-running structures.

In a cooperation project with Philipp Schell, we were working on the combination of ceramics and an inflatable moulds. Our goal was to create a 3-dimensional shape which still shows the wrinkles of the mould. These wrinkles allow the material to be strengthened in a very constructive way. In the end it was difficult to unmould the shape.

The starting-point was to separate a printer into it’s elements. After that we rearranged the parts in different ways. Components were repurposed with new functions. The printer, a normally highly precise machine, was filled up with acrylic-colour to make to lose its precision gradually. In the end the printer was printing/drawing on the paper in an artistic way.

Photo and Video Credit: Jan Cafuk

Photo Credit, 200ml Plaster: Véronique Huyghes